K11 Atelier Kings Road and K11 Musea

Access Portal Web Application
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K11 Atelier Kings Road and K11 Musea - Access Portal Web Application

Our target is to implement a smooth and functional access portal web application for K11 Atelier Kings Road and K11 Musea buildings. The application is used for SDE, Tenant and Concierge administrators to manage and authorise the access to the specified floors in the building. SDE administrator, with the highest permission, could create access area groups for general usage and manage all the tenant administrators, tenant staffs and also guests. Tenant administrator could manage the access permit of their internal staffs and guests, while concierge administrator focuses on authorizing guests’ access only.

Based on Vue.js and Element UI, the website is achieved with a responsive font-end layout for both desktop and iPad view, fast and perspicuous view experience as the usage of the page navigation method etc, and a clear and systematic management rule in use.


✓ Overview of the daily and weekly guests
✓ Create new Tenant with details
✓ Create administrator(s) for a Tenant
✓ Create Tenant staffs list and guarantee the corresponding access permission for them
✓ Allow an access permission to a guest (with the information of the guest registered, and set which floors he/she are allowed to access)
✓ Check the history of visited guests
✓ Create groups of access areas/floo


Responsive Web Design
Cloud Based ​Web App Development


New World Development