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CASH Website with Content Management System
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CASH Website with Content Management System

Our objective is to design and develop a responsive website and web application for Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd, which covers highly customisable content management system, multiple-language support, highly customised forms with draggable and droppable form components and automatic files sorting and management for each submission, complex data integration with the client’s existed Oracle Database via highly secured API endpoints, to create and maintain MULTIPLE-INSTANCE cloud-based servers to ensure the durability, avoid traffic jamming and minimise server downtime, and the application of MySQL and Oracle databases.

The target is to have a smooth and user-friendly responsive web application, based on Vue.js and Element UI, the website is achieved with the responsive consistent font-end layout for both mobile and desktop view, the lazy loading method for lists to provide the client with frequent browsing experience, the Collapse components for user-friendly content preview, a media data uploading channel via FTP to support with clearable and structured management, and controllable web contents with the combination of the customisable content management system.


Content Feed / Content Management System
Public and Member Music Work search
Distribution result searching / distribution report
Work Registration
Agreement Registration
Royalty Calculator
CASH Mobile App Integration


Responsive Web Design
Cloud Based ​Web App Development
​Cloud Based server and Oracle database integration/management


Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd